Complemed Therapy regularly receives letters of appreciation from patients. These testimonials can be viewed at the Centre, extracts of which are as shown below:




I went to see Mr Ali because for the last couple of years I have not been able to move my neck or right shoulder without difficulty. I was in pain and I felt my life in general was restricted because of this. He actually said to me before I told him my symptoms that he could see I had neck problems.
I had the first session with Mr Ali and noticed a marked improvement in movement and pain relief. It was the first time since I could remember that I coul move my neck freely. It felt so liberating and I was over the moon with the results.
Mr Ali was more than happy to explain everything to me, and answer any question I had. I found him very knowledgeable about his craft.
I have had three sessions and I can honestly say it has given me a new lease of life, because I now have a better quality of life.
It gives me great pleasure to recommend Complemed Therapy and Mr Ali to anyone who has similar problems because thay would be in very good hands.
I would like to say a big thank you for all your help and wonderful advice you have given me.
Kathy H - Birmingham
March 2012


Dear Bash

I would like to thank you for the work you did on my back, neck and shoulders.  Before I came to see you, I had been suffering with back pain for the past 20 years.  Over the past 5 years the pain had travelled up to my neck and shoulders.  I had been to see physiotherapists and chiropractors over the past years, and nothing seemed to help.  After seeing you, the pain was so much better, and I have felt better than I had in years.

Thank you again.

Kuli Hullait



Mr Johnson came back to see me today with the result of his MR scan which showed a left sided significant disc prolapse at L5/S1 which was undoubtedly the cause the of his leg pain. Whilst waiting for the scan he went to see Abbas Mhar, at Compli-Med Therapy in Altrincham and after 2 sessions his symptoms were completely relieved. This excellent result is extremely good news and in the absence of pain there is no need for further neurosurgery.
He knows that is he wishes to see me again he is welcome to contact me directly here at Hope.
Consultant Neurosurgeon, Salford Royal Hospitals, 20-06-05



Dear Abbas,

Thank you for my back treatment on Monday. You completely eradicated the pain and spasm on my left side and I could walk "normally" again. I went to walk the following day.

The last time I had this problem a year before I knew you, I was in a pitiful state. I had 8weeks of severe pain, physiotherapy sessions, hundreds of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, 84 diazipam, 16 hours in an A&E cubicle, 1 week in hospital, cortisone injections and 6 weeks off work !
I don't think you know any of this! Therefore, you can understand why I am thrilled with your treatment !
Elvene, Cheadle Hulme



Dear Mr Abbas,

I am writing to you thank you most sincerely for making such a difference to my life over the last few weeks.

As you know I came to you just before Christmas last year in extreme discomfort from pain in my back, hip and Achilles tendons. I have had back pain for several years but the pain in the hip extending down the leg had become very severe and had been diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis both by a physiotherapist and a specialist rheumatologist. Both Achilles tendons were very tender and inflamed. At the time of my first visit to you I had been given some acupuncture and physiotherapy together with a prolonged period of NSAIDs (which I was not happy about taking) but none had given me any lasting relief.

Following the first visit, during which either side of my spine was treated with deep massage, the relief was astonishing after so many years of unsuccessful treatments. The second visit concentrated on massage and stretching of the tendons in the lower leg. These had been very tender to a fairly light touch and both ankles were very stiff when walking. Again a dramatic change! At each visit, four up to now, deep massage using the elbow has relieved the pain in the right buttock almost completely.

Car journeys were something I dreaded but now the discomfort is a thing of the past.

My greatest praise is that I will not hesitate to recommend you to any one in a similar situation.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia C., Macclesfield